The RTT2013 will focus, among others, on the following topics:

  1. New directions in religious tourism
  2. Motivations behind religious tourism
  3. Pilgrimage, tourism and dialogues of cultures
  4. Management of international pilgrimage travels
  5. Sustainability of religious tourism
  6. Clustering in religious tourism
  7. Religious festivals and tourism
  8. Religious tourism and inter-cultural tolerance
  9. Perceptions of "the other" in religious tourism
  10. Guidance for faith-based tourism
  11. Protection of and respect for the places of worship
  12. Socio-cultural impacts of religious tourism
  13. Environmental impacts of religious tourism
  14. Economic aspects of religious tourism
  15. Mapping the holy routes
  16. Diaspora and religious tourism
  17. Cultural diplomacy and religious tourism
  18. Religious diversity and tolerance
  19. Disability and religious tourism
  20. Management and maintenance of sacred sites
  21. Spiritual dimensions of a religious journey
  22. New directions in marketing of religious destinations
  23. Holy sites for different beliefs in Anatolia
  24. Sacred foods and drinks & religious dietary issues
  25. Role of religious tourism in conflict resolution
  26. Commercialization of sacred places
  27. Holy sites in a neo-liberal world


Submission form for the abstract is downloadable here: Application Form

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