Each year millions of people are travelling throughout the world for different purposes. Faith-based visits to holy sites and sacred places are the oldest and most common type of travel in human history and this type of tourism is increasing its share in the sector. Motivations behind religious tourism may depend on many reasons: searching for truth and inner peace, enlightenment, an authentic relationship with the divine, satisfaction of the spiritual or material needs. Considering the multi-religiosity in the world and spreads of  the religions, travelling to the religious sites may generally require visiting the other countries. The spiritual journey may also result in an interaction with "the other" and may change the perceptions  of pilgrims, tourists and local people .


Undertaking such visits and journeys generally requires serious thinking and planning, as well as economic means and travel arrangements. Regarding the seasonality of the religious activities, the sustainability of this type of tourism is also very important for the local people.


With the aim to discuss various aspects of the religious tourism, the International Conference on Religious Tourism and Tolerance (RTT2013) will be held in Konya, Turkey on 9-12 May, 2013. Convening the RTT2013 in Konya also carries an important message, as the city hosts Mevlâna Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī, well-known in the West as  Rumi, a very prominent Sufi thinker and famous poet (d. 1273), whose teaching fosters   respect among humanity, love of God, and religious tolerance, inspiring today's multi-cultural societies .


Konya, therefore, is the best place in Turkey to host this important International Conference on Religious Tourism and Tolerance, aiming at interconnecting tourism with religion and  other  inter-disciplinary subjects.


The language of the conference is Turkish and English. Turkish and English presentations will run in  parallel sessions.


The invited keynote speakers will devote  their presentations on latest theoretical developments and practical observations on tourism, religion, pilgrimage and tolerance around the world as reflected in various civilizations. This academic gathering and professional activity is intended to  facilitate and promote the means of communications and cooperations among the conference participants.


We are looking forward to your active participation.


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